A Synchrony of Organic Interdependent Livity: S.O.I.L

A SYNCHRONY OF ORGANIC INTERDEPENDENT LIVITY: S.O.I.L. MARCH 6, 2015 by Mama D, Community Centred Knowledge @IndigenousKnow I am a mother and, in relative terms, recently sourced from the African continent. As a woman, and an African, I am present, but without voice. Most of the time, unseen and unheard. Yet, my essential being representsContinue reading “A Synchrony of Organic Interdependent Livity: S.O.I.L”

An Infection of Individualism: The Affluenza Affliction

An Infection of Individualism: The Affluenza Affliction by Mama D “…I mean the bare necessities, Old Mother Nature’s recipes That brings the bare necessities of life…” Bare Necessities, Jungle Book, (1967) Walt Disney Productions and You’ll see it’s true, someone like me Can learn to be like someone like me Can learn to be likeContinue reading “An Infection of Individualism: The Affluenza Affliction”